Full Service House Cleaning
A clean house is important for the well being of your family and also helps keep your property in good condition. However, with most of us leading very active life styles many of us can only manage a quick flick round to remove surface dirt and dust. This is where KM Bond Cleaning can come to your rescue. Our team of professional cleaners can carry out a thorough clean of your home to keep it healthy, by doing a deep clean of those areas you just don’t have time for. KM Bond Cleaning offers a wide range of house cleaning services. Whether you’re looking for a one-off spring clean or to book regular house cleans, we’ve got it covered. We can scrub your oven, clean out your fridge and freezer, clean your cupboards, and steam clean your carpets, to leave your house looking and smelling clean and fresh.

We don’t just deal with end of lease cleaning. Our team enjoys cleaning, and gets satisfaction from seeing the smile on our clients’ faces when they walk back into a house that is sparkling. Whether you’re hosting a large scale party, having a few mates round, or simply don’t have the time to get it all done, you can count on KM Bond Cleaning to be an extra pair of hands.

Need a new property cleaning?
If you’re looking to have your property cleaned before you move in then our house cleaning service can help. We’ll make sure that all the surfaces are gleaming, your carpets are fresh and clean, and your bathroom sparkles. It’s so much more exciting to move in knowing that everything is ready for you and your family to use.

If you’re a landlord then our house clean services can make your property so much more appealing to prospective tenants, and may prevent it from sitting around empty for too long. Not only that, a thorough clean shows that it’s well cared for and can boost your investment

return too.
If you’re interested in finding out more, or booking our services then get in touch on 07 3123 4859