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Bond Cleaning Services
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Don't let the worry of whether you'll get your bond back add to what is already a stressful experience. Our company offers outstanding end of lease cleaning services at highly competitive prices to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Our highly experienced team of cleaners specialise in bond cleans for units, apartments, and houses. Whether you're preparing your house to put it up for sale, or moving out, let us take care of all your cleaning needs.

Our dedicated team of bond cleaners is fully trained and equipped with all of the necessary tools, equipment, and cleaning products, to clean your property from top to bottom in a timely fashion; with an eye to detail that will satisfy landlords and Real Estate agents. We've helped hundreds of clients get their money back over the years so you can relax, knowing that your property is in reliable hands.
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Why choose KM Bond Cleaning?

We provide all the bond cleaning services that you’ll ever need at a cost which is far less than hiring them separately. You can rely on us to arrange for a team of cleaners and a professional carpet cleaner, as well as a fully licensed pest controller, in order to get your property looking its very best and squeaky clean. We’ll also arrange to co-ordinate everything for the same day, wherever possible, for maximum convenience and less hassle for you, making sure your end of lease clean is conducted in the most efficient way possible.

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Tailored service

No two house moves are ever the same and we understand that one package doesn’t suit all. This is why we offer a tailored service which takes into account each individual client’s personal requirements. We’ll carry out a thorough clean of your premises which meets the standards of your landlord or Rental Agent, giving you the freedom to add on any extras that you may require. Our mission is to get you out of your existing property and into your new one as quickly and as affordably as possible. If it’s a professional hassle free Bond Cleaning Service that you’re after, then look no further.

Call KM Bond Cleaning today on 07 3123 4859. We’re standing by to take your call.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Cleaning is one of those activities that both companies and individuals don’t like to handle. Whether it is just routine cleaning or cleaning in preparation to move into a property or after moving out of a property, KM Bond Cleaning has got you covered.

With years of experience to our name, you can be assured that we are committed to turning dirty and dull properties into a sparkle. At KM Bond cleaning we understand that moving into a new property can be quite hectic and stressful and you will hardly have the extra time to scrub away properly. This is where we readily come in to ensure that yours is a smooth transition into a clean environment.

What we do

This fast growing company has competent teams and the latest technology to guarantee unmatched cleaning services in Brisbane.

We are passionate about giving our esteemed customers 100% satisfaction across Brisbane. Our services are professionally tailored to ensure that not only can our customers enjoy our services 24/7 but that they can also have the services customized to fit their particular needs at reasonable prices.

KM Bond Cleaning Brisbane is inviting you to enjoy the contentment and convenience that comes with any of the following services from us;

Bond Cleaning

The Residents Tenants Authority demands that all tenants leave the premises clean before vacating. In order to comply with this requirement at the end of your tenancy, you need to work with a professional Brisbane bond cleaning services.

Our bond cleaning services prepare your rental home for the transition back to the property manager. It also prepares your home for sale. It is important to clean and check every nook and cranny when you are vacating or selling a property. If you are moving from your rental property, you don’t want the landlord to withhold your money just because of a cleaning issue.

What we do is to provide a comprehensive checklist of all the cleaning procedures that need to be undertaken in bond cleaning. Our aim is to ensure that we provide the necessary manpower and equipment to pull off the job.

Carpet cleaning

Professionally cleaned carpets just bring a clean, hygienic and fresh element to your home or office. We provide trained technicians, the latest technology, and top quality cleaning products to ensure that your carpets are cleaned as per specification. This means that we can effectively remove stains from carpets or restore carpets that have been damaged by water.

We specialize in both commercial and residential carpet cleaning thanks to our IICR certified techies who use bio-degradable products to deep steam clean your carpets.
We have eco-friendly solutions to take care of your carpet cleaning needs. This leaves your carpets clean, fresh and safe for small children and pets.

At KM bond cleaning, we follow Brisbane industry standards to the latter. This means that we will inspect the property before giving you a quote and then we will map out the best approach to handle your cleaning needs. We will then pre-spray your carpets and follow through with the steam cleaning and drying procedure.

Upholstery cleaning

Well maintained upholstery and furniture add brightness, freshness, and sparkle in a room. Whenever there are stains, they give your room an unhygienic dull loo.

The experienced and professional staff at KM cleaning are well able to effectively handle different types of fabric and dirt levels. We employ wet or dry cleaning methods with detailed services on both home and office furniture. Your soft furniture will be professionally handled by our certified and accredited technicians specially trained for that kind of job.

All our upholstery cleaning is always dry within hours thanks to the latest technology specially dedicated to soft furnishing.

Junk removal

If you want your junk removed then you have the right people for that service. Regardless of the volume, we will remove the junk from your premises and make sure it is either disposed of, recycled or reused. Our junk removal services are on demand for both commercial and domestic clients around Brisbane.

Our removal services handle anything from house clearances, junk removal, waste removal, garden clearances and office removals. We have the right equipment and expertise not only for the removal procedures but also to clean up afterward if you deem it necessary.

In line with our commitment to environmental conservation, we ensure that most of the waste and junk we handle ends us in recycling depots whenever possible. We can also work with you to ensure that reusable items end up in the hands of local charities. If you are into green choices and giving to the community then KM Bond Cleaning is the right company to work with because you are guaranteed of results.

Pressure cleaning

One of the washing procedures guaranteed to restore and maintaining the beauty of your business or home is pressure cleaning or house washing services. We know the aesthetic and hygienic value that this service brings to homes and offices and we, therefore, commit to offering the best service in Brisbane.

Algae, mildew, and mold can make an unsightly mess on decks, walls, driveways, windowsills and pool areas. Not only does your property appear unappealing, it also becomes damaged.

Removal of the mold by pressure cleaning will enhance the look of your property and also make it ready in case you think of giving the surfaces a coat of paint or do some staining.

Soil erosion, tire marks, oil and grease spills may not be the kindest elements on your walkways and driveways. You need our pressure washing system to help restore not only the look of your property but also its value.

Handyman services

We know that repairs are inevitable with the use of a property. We, therefore, offer handyman services for major and minor refurbishments, repairs, full renovations, and upgrades. Our professional handymen can also offer quality maintenance services. Our handyman services are available for both residential and commercial properties to ensure that your premises best suit the needs of your family or business.

Why us?

You may already know that there are many companies in Brisbane that offer cleaning services. Being that as it may, it is important for you to realize that not all companies are created equal; not all hold similar values of commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. If you are asking why you should work with KM Bond Cleaning Brisbane then here is why;

Tailored services

When you think about getting a cleaning job done, you should realize that every cleaning job is different and therefore needs a specialized approach. Not only do jobs differ in sizes of the surfaces to be cleaned and the magnitude of dirt to deal with but also in the nature of the material to work on.

In light of this, you need a company like KM Bond Cleaning who have a tailored approach to every job. We offer site visits to our customers’ premises so that we can accurately establish what it is we are dealing with. It is after we determine the cleaning needs that we work with you to tailor a proper strategy that will work for you at a reasonable price.

Professional advice

In our commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that our customers are in a position to make an informed choice and guided decisions. We offer professional advice on what is best available for you. Whether you end up enlisting our services or not, our team of experts will ensure you are well informed of industry requirements, terms and conditions and the options available to you.

You can always talk to our readily available customer care personnel or team of professionals to give you the much-needed guidance.

Competitive prices

We are much more interested in customer satisfaction and therefore endeavor to make our services as pocket-friendly as possible. we understand that happy customers and not high prices are good for business.

Since our services can be customized, you can work with us to come up with a package that best suits your needs within the budget you have.

Our quotations and price lists are straightforward. What you see on paper is what you pay. We don’t have hidden charges and obscured condition in the fine print when it comes to pricing or terms of engagement.

You can always contact us at any time to get a quotation for any cleaning service in the Brisbane area.

Trained and certified personnel

Our team is made up of trained, accredited technicians who will handle every task with professionalism, honesty, expertise, and excellence. In addition to the experience garnered by our staff over the years, we also ensure they go through refresher courses and training to ensure they are abreast with the ever-changing industry landscape.

Commitment to safety

Our company is committed to the safety of both our customers and our employees. We, therefore, ensure that a job safety analysis is undertaken before we can embark on any project. We also require that you understand that whenever we are onsite, the site is considered a risk zone that is closed to human traffic for safety reasons.

Since the nature of some of the equipment and cleaning products are hazardous, we take special care in handling and disposal to ensure that the environment remains as safe as possible for human use and habitation.

Commitment to our client

We have heard testimonials of the pain caused by unreliable cleaners to their customers. What we do very carefully is to check, closely monitor and closely monitor our workforce to ensure that they know what they should be doing and how they should be doing it at all times.

What to expect on the day of service

After our initial inspection, we will comprehensively advise you on the procedure and alert you on the areas of concern that may need more time. We will discuss the outcome that you should expect and then have you sign the paperwork. We then embark on the job and make sure we keep you posted throughout the process so that you are aware of changes if any.

After providing the agreed service, we will invite you to ascertain that we have met your expectations. In the event there is anything unsatisfactory then we will be happy to redo the areas of concern at no cost to you provided the query is raised within the stipulated time.

Our guarantee

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that is valid for 7 business days upon the completion of the service. The guarantee is binding if the service was completed and the payment was made in full.

In the event our services don’t meet the satisfaction of the client, the client is welcome to lodge a written complain outlining the issue. We will then promptly arrange for a team to attend to the issue and rectify it free of charge within 48 hours.

We, however, retain the rights to re-address the issue for a period of up to 7 days depending on availability.

The customer will be required to give us a list of items to be rectified before we can embark on the rectification process.

This is usually provided by the landlord or property manager in the event the service was for bond cleaning during the end of the tenancy.

The rectification doesn’t, however, take care of dust settlement that happens naturally before an inspection is done.

Final word

The quality of cleaning services you get will basically rise and fall on the company you ultimately choose. It is important to know what to look for so that you may know where exactly to start when it comes to the selection of the right cleaning company in Brisbane. In the search process, you will already know who you can or cannot work with. Far from the services, we believe a professional company should be able to treat customers with decorum, respect, and integrity. This is what sets us apart from the rest. We value and cultivate relationships with our customers. We are keen to listen to you and involve you in the whole process. There are no shortcuts to what we do, professionalism is the only language we understand.